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First Night Home With Your Newborn. The first few nights (and months) will consist of feeding, sleeping, and minimal awake time. Infants usually have a faster breathing rate than adults.

"Baby's First Night Home" Mum Tips
"Baby's First Night Home" Mum Tips from

Welcome home with your newborn. I’m so happy i found this page, it’s our first night home with our daughter and my wife is next to me with baby in feeding position, with raging nipples and all. First, start a bedtime routine because it is very necessary for the baby, and stick to it as much as possible.

"Baby's First Night Home" Mum Tips

Use a warm, damp washcloth or unscented wipes to gently wipe around neck folds and other areas where breast milk, formula, or moisture might accumulate, finishing with the genitals. Final thoughts on first night home with baby. Your baby’s first night at home is so very special. In fact, the aap only recommends around 3 baths per week for babies.